What Does Deafnet Do?

Deafnet Association, Inc. is a501-C Non-Profit Organization that promotes the concerns that affect the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the four state area.

Deafnet provides services to the community thru:
        A) Interpreting Services-available 24/7.

        B) Sign Language Classes, from basic classes through Interpreting classes.

        C) Training
               1) Compliance with the American Disabilities Act, ADA.
               2) Deaf Awareness
               3) How to use an interpreter
               4) Interpreter Workshops

        D) Helps with Auxiliary
               1) Smoke Detectors with strobe light
               2) Signaling device

        E) Monthly Meetings - Deafnet holds monthly meetings the 2nd Thursday of each
              month except June, July and December, where we have speakers from the area
              business' and organizations inform the people about their services.

        F) Providing a variety of services to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing.

        G) Having learning aids and novelties avaliable for purchase.

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